Honey has been described as the elixir of the Gods for thousands of years and rightfully so.  It is not only a natural sweetener, it is much healtier than sugar and has many healing qualities.

Our family farm is located in south-western part of Bohemia, one of the states of the Czech Republic.  Our village of Maxov is located in a pristine, natural setting which is perfect for making delicious honey.  Ing. Daniel Prokes has turned his passion for beekeeping into a business and has been providing bees with a perfect environment for producing what they do best - honey - for over 20 years. 

As he says:  "I provide our bees with what they need and get out of their way!"

Our family business has grown into a large enterprise.  We sell honey retail to individuals through our Medoteka, a store that carries our honey and all related products.  We also sell at fairs, open markets and other venues.

We also sell honey wholesale in large quantities - tons at a time, to markets that demand it.  Our honey comes with all the guarantees, certificates and deliciousness our clients come to expect.

Czech honey credentials as described by the Czech Honey Association (Cesky Svaz Vcelaru) which we are a proud member of.

Did you know?

  • Bees fly at an average speed of 21-24 km/h (13-15 miles/h)
  • A bee flaps its' wings 180 time per second
  • 1112 bees works their entire life (6 weeks on the average) to gather 1 kg/2.2 lbs of honey
  • Bees of one beehive visit 225 000 flowers per day.
  • The queen bee lays 200,000 eggs per year on the average.  In comparison, in weight ratio, a chicken would have to lay 25 eggs per day.